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The New Laws on Mob Phone Use While Driving The New Laws on Mob Phone Use While Driving
From this month courts will hand down much tougher sentences to drivers caught using a mobile phone or potentially even just being distracted by any of the car’s communication systems while at the wheel.
New Speeding Penalties Explained New Speeding Penalties Explained
Speeding penalties have been increased from this week (April 24) with drivers effectively being means tested by the courts who can issue a fine of up to 150 per cent of their weekly income.
How To Keep Your Children Safe On The Road How To Keep Your Children Safe On The Road
It’s never too soon to start making your child aware of the dangers of traffic without scaring them. Schools and nurseries will teach basic road safety as part of early years education.

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Uchoose Contracts began in 2010 with just Dave Aspinall, swiftly joined by one further member of staff. By 2016 the number of staff had increased fourfold with eight team members selling a fantastic 850 vehicles by the end on 2016!

Dave explains, “In 2010 Uchoose Contracts was launched to attack the online broker market, which was just taking off in the UK. In that first year we sold less than a hundred cars and I don’t think even the most optimistic of us thought that by 2016 we would be selling 850 units. In 2017 we’re aiming for 1200 vehicles and I see no reason why we shouldn’t achieve this target.”

With a huge range of cars available for both personal and business lease, Dave and the Uchoose team are on hand to talk you through the ordering process, and answer any questions you may have. Simply fill out our online enquiry form or request a call back from our Sales Executives, and we’ll be in touch shortly.