Profile: Get to know Laura Furber

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We sat down with UChoose Contracts Sales Executive, Laura Furber to really get to know her!

Q. Which car are you currently driving?

A. Seat Leon 2.0Tdi FR Tech 184PS

Q. What’s your favourite feature of your car? What couldn’t you live without?

A. The engine!  I love that it’s so nippy for a diesel

Q. If you could have any car available from UChoose Contracts, what would you pick and why?

A. Audi Q5 or a VW Touareg – simply because I have 2 small girls so would be easier to fit them and all the kit and caboodle that goes with them!

Q. When you’re not at work and have time off, what do you enjoy doing? What are your favourite hobbies?

A. Cooking and entertaining – I’ve a really good social circle and we all love to go around to each others homes for dinner parties or meals out

Q. What’s your favourite film?

A. I have so many –  I love ‘Little Women,’ it’s such a classic but then I also love ‘The Goonies’ – “Hey you Guys!”

Q. If you could pick any famous movie car to own, what would you choose and why?

A. Gotta be Herbie the ‘Love’ bug!

Q. Do you play sports? Are you a member of any sports clubs/societies?

A. Not unless HIIT classes counts as sport!

Q. Tell us one of your personal best achievements and what it meant to you?

A. Leaving my homeland of Ireland and creating a wonderful new life over in good ole UK- I’ve never looked back since, I love my husband, my children, my job and my life!

Q. Would you prefer to take part in an adventure/outdoor activity or calm/relaxed day?

A. Adventure activity definitely, I love abseiling, zip wiring etc. I can’t get enough!

Q. Do you have any personal goals that you want to achieve?

A. I would LOVE to own my own restaurant/wine bar

Q. Tell us 3 random facts about yourself that not many people know?

A. 1) I have 2 degrees and a diploma – 1 in Applied Biology and the others in Art and Interior Design! 2) I can speak 5 different languages (well i used to and some not so fluently anymore) 3) I have won national cookery competitions!