Profile: Get to know Matt Reen

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You may recognise him from our promo videos! We sat down with UChoose Contracts Sales Executive, Matt Reen, to get to know him!



Q. Which car are you currently driving?

A. A Volkswagen Scirocco

Q. What’s your favourite feature of your car? What couldn’t you live without?

A. Dab Radio – who can say no to a sing along while they’re on the road?

Q. If you could have any car available from UChoose Contracts, what would you pick and why?

A. Audi S6, it’s a stylish executive car which oozes class and beneath the skin there’s a 4.0 twin turbo V8 so it goes when need it to! What more could you want?!

Q. When you’re not at work and have time off, what do you enjoy doing? What are your favourite hobbies?

A. I’m often in the gym, playing darts or eating out!

Q. What’s your favourite film?

A. Goodfellas

Q. If you could pick any famous movie car to own, what would you choose and why?

A. 1970 Dodge Charger from Fast And The Furious! It looks and sounds mean and I’ve always been a fan of American muscle cars!

Q. Do you play sports? Are you a member of any sports clubs/societies?

A. I used to be in a Darts team but decided it wasn’t the healthiest of sports to play every week!

Q. Would you prefer to take part in an adventure/outdoor activity or calm/relaxed day?

A. Love taking part in outdoor adventures, walking, or next up I’d really want to try my hand at rally driving!

Q. Do you have any personal goals that you want to achieve?

A. I’d really love to be able to retire to Brazil and own a cocktail bar on the beach by the time I’m 50. You know what they say, dream big!

Q. Tell us 3 random facts about yourself that not many people know?

A. 1) I have lived in Orlando, USA for 3 years  2) I have a twin brother and sister  3) As of this year, I’m now a proud Uncle for the first time!