Profile: Get to know James Jennings

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We sat down with UChoose Contracts Sales Executive, James Jennings to put a face to a name and get to know him a little better!




Q. Which car are you currently driving?

A. A Volkswagen Scirocco

Q. What’s your favourite feature of your car? What couldn’t you live without?

A. The Sat Nav – I’d literally be lost without it!

Q. If you could have any car available from UChoose Contracts, what would you pick and why?

A. A Volkswagen Tiguan R-line – it’s beautiful!

Q. When you’re not at work and have time off, what do you enjoy doing? What are your favourite hobbies?

A. Taking my niece and nephew out for the day, I love them both and we can never stop giggling when we’re together!

Q. What’s your favourite film?

A. Minions!

Q. If you could pick any famous movie car to own, what would you choose and why?

A. The restored Aston Martin DB5 from James Bond!

Q. Tell us one of your personal best achievements and what it meant to you?

A. I bought a house and refurbished it, it looks stunning and I’m so proud!

Q. Would you prefer to take part in an adventure/outdoor activity or calm/relaxed day?

A. Hmmm, that would depend what mood I’m in. I love a great outdoor adventure but who can say no to a lazy Sunday with movies and a roast dinner?

Q. Do you have any personal goals that you want to achieve?

A. I’d love to get to 12 stone

Q. Tell us 3 random facts about yourself that not many people know?

A. 1) I have a minion tattoo 2) I make homemade wine and beer 3) I repair mobile phones!