The New Audi RS4 Avant

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Make way, make way… The New Audi RS4 Avant has landed!


As with all Audi RS product the RS4 Avant has a ‘beastly’ heritage with even Stephan Winkelmann, MD of Audi sport admitting that in common with all other RS models the RS4 Avant has “..immense power output”…a car enthusiast’s dream, this car combines the ‘beast’ with the ‘beauty’ of everyday usability; in other words your kids, your dogs and even your partner, will all be able to enjoy this work-a-day supercar.



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This is the fourth generation of RS4, with the first model hitting the streets back in 1999; it remains a sexy beast, with a veneer of respectability, quite simply THE car for those of us who can’t give up our need for speed just because the babies start arriving.

This latest RS4 came as somewhat of a surprise with Audi sneaking it in, rather unexpectedly, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


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Some of us aren’t too keen on surprises, but for this one we’ll make an exception!

The show car was finished in Nogaro pearl effect blue paint, gorgeous and retro as it harks back to very first generation of this iconic estate car;  Audi and the RS4 have a peerless heritage and the design team have taken inspiration from the old school Audi 90 quattro as well as many other iconic vehicles and details to produce this latest model.



Perhaps the best thing about the latest RS4 is that it doesn’t immediately scream ‘look at me, I’m a speed machine’, that said its understated aggression is there, simmering through the honeycomb grille, oval tailpipes and RS roof edge spoiler; it’s there, but it’s not boy-racer in your face.

What is in your face is the Audi 2.9 TFSI bi-turbo engine, packing 443bhp and powering you, your dog, your kids, your partner and your weekly shop to 60mph in a mere 4.1 seconds; yup that’s very definitely in your face.



Sit in the driver’s seat and you’ll see the power is supplied to the permanent all-wheel drive via the specially configured 8-speed tiptronic. This crisp, snappy transmission is partnered with the RS sport suspension, which renders this beauty 7mm lower than the basic A4.

For those of us who like to pop a big dollop of icing on our cake you can add RS sport suspension plus with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC); ceramic brakes if you fancy, or RS specific dynamic steering, basically choose the icing, choose the cherry, and do you want cream with that! Of course, as always, Audi drive select lets you define your own driving experience, making the RS4, your RS4.


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The Sexy, sporty, sumptuous seats are a joy to sit in, but the biggest excitement, for those of us lucky enough to get behind the wheel, is the awesome Audi Virtual Cockpit; it brings a smile to your face and a song to your heart, the sheer sci-fi-ness of it all…sad but true, geeks of the world unite!

This sensational Jekyll and Hyde machine may not even be named as an RS4, with Audi mooting a new naming system; but no matter what the badge on its rear-end says, this is a car with a truly exceptional pedigree, that’ll bring a smile to your face and very definitely make your heart beat faster.

Available from the second quarter of 2018 and starting from around £62k; get your name down quick, this is a classic.

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